"The art of moving since 2015"

Looking for a quality and affordable removals service?


"The art of moving since 2015"

Samara Transport & Logistics introduces Samara Interstate Removals as our Interstate Department to help you wih your move around Australia. We focus on the East coast and South Australia and aim to provide you with the best of the best of high quality customer service.
Our communication methods between you and ourselves makes your move easy and comfortable as we do all the leg work for you from start o finish. We understand it is hard to move and believe us when we tell you that we know what you are feeling at this time. Speak to our friendly staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week to enquire and get your free quote!

Some words about us

We offer packaging from the start of your move and can pack from small to large household goods to wrapping and protecting all of your furniture.

Our customer service representatives will make sure that your needs are met and ask you all the questions needed to make your move easy and simple.


To provide you with the best of the best of customer service Australia wide and ensure that Samara Interstate Removals and Samara Transport & Logistics provide you with the smoothest transition to your new home.

Never moved before? That is okay. We travel between most routes on the Eastern Coast and ensure that we pick up and delivery on th dates you wish to book for.


Our philisophy is that "If we want to help you move, then we should provide you the service that we wish to have for ourselves". You call us and we listen. You book with us and we communicate with you 24/7 to keep you up to date with your move.

  • Fast moving service

    Our services and routes are mostly along the major routes between each eastern coast state between Queensland, New south wales and Victoria including central to and from South Australia. We plan ahead and ensure traffic and construction zones are avoided where reasonably practicable and if there are external factors affecting the delivery outside out control then we will be in touch with you to advise you of the revised delivery day and time.

  • Inventory List

    We provide you with an Inventory List to obtain as much information as you could possibly provide us. This helps us ensure the availibility on the truck and plus we will always add a factor more than what you provide for us as we know how hard it is to predict before moving and we want to complete your job on the 1st and only trip.

  • Heavy furniture

    Do you have heavy furniture that needs extra offsiders to help lift/load and unload on and off the truck. This extra is available at both Pick up and Delivery destinations. Please ask our friend staff here at Samara Interstate Removals and we will discuss your options further.

  • Storage service

    Do you need to store your furniture in a safe and secure place near your home. Maybe you haven't acquired your new home and need some break from your goods to be stored. We can provide! Samara Interstate Removals can provide you with Storage solutions round the country and ensure safe and secure solutions for your household goods. Ranging from 1 day to several months, Samara Interstate Removals can provide!

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